A Christmas Story – From radio show to movie to play

A Christmas StorySeems there are always variations of stories from one medium to the next. How many times has someone asked you if a movie was as good as the book? This comes up with every adaptation of a story. With A Christmas Story, an author on cleveland.com decided to spell out the differences between the stage adaptation of A Christmas Story vs. the classic movie.

Since I haven’t seen the play…yet, I was intrigued by the author’s (Marc Bona) list. None of them really shocked me except for the fact that Ralphie has a love interest (outside of his beloved BB gun that is). Rona writes:

The biggest difference is the introduction of Esther Jane, a classmate who likes Ralphie. It’s a sweet addition to the play, and a relationship that shows one of at least two moments depicting Ralphie’s slow coming-of-ages maturity.

Not quite sure how I feel about this as I hate the story stray from it’s traditional path. Seems like this would cause Ralphie to stray from his sole purpose in the movie…get that Red Ryder BB Gun. Having not seen the stage version, I guess I have to reserve judgement on this break from tradition. Nevertheless, it was a great article to compare stage vs. movie.