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Leg Lamp Party?

If there is a leg lamp party, why wasn’t I invited? Long before the leg lamp party, a little girl sat on Mary Graham’s lap to watch the same movie over and over until the pair nearly knew the holiday classic     Source: Cindy Lange-Kubick: The woman (and the story) behind the leg lamp […]

A Christmas Story

The spotlight at Littleton’s Town Hall Arts Center turns on a grumpy-looking Santa ringing a bell as Hohman, Indiana townsfolk mostly pass by ignoring him. The opening announcement is made by kids and the audience is filled with a happy shorter … Source: Life | Wheat Ridge Colorado |

When Are Christmas Classics On TV?

Always good to know when you can get a liittle quality Christmas TV viewing in…especially A Christmas Story Find out when your favorite holiday movies will air on network and cable television this 2016 season. The pre-Thanksgiving rush is on. Source: 2016 Holiday TV Schedule: When Are Christmas Classics On TV? – Cleveland, OH Patch

eBay to Stay at Christmas Story House

A few ultimate fans of A Christmas Story made the winning bid of over $8,000 to stay in the house where the iconic movie was filmed. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the house will host Nancy and Courtney Roberts, winners if the auction. I know every word, I’m obsessed with it. I love the marathon on Christmas […]

Real Life Flick

Seems that winter cabin fever can lead people to do the silliest things. Is this art imitating life? Or life imitating art? You decide as this real-life Flick, gets his tongue stuck to a flagpole…without the triple dog dare.