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Electric sex gleaming in the window

Leg Lamp Lighting Ceremony

This Northport town is one after my own heart. They not only have a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony…they also have a Leg Lamp lighting ceremony! Northport Village Leg Lighting A Northport tradition, the annual leg lamp lighting, a nod to “A Christmas Story,” will take place Nov. 30 at Northport Hardware Store (90 Main St.) […]

Where can I Buy Leg Lamps?

As kids begin heading back to school and sales ads start showing sweaters and long-sleeve shirts, my mind begins to drift to the idea of Christmas and decorating. Of course there is no better decoration than a traditional leg lamp. The classic leg lamp has become a mainstay in my house for Christmas as much as […]

Amazon Sells The Hell Out of Leg Lamps

As if this Christmas decoration needed any more popularity among adoring fans. All bow to the Leg Lamp’s majesty: Thanks to customers’ burning desire for sports-team garden gnomes and Christmas Story leg lamps, Amazon continued its multi-year reign over its e-retail peers this holiday season. Read more about Amazon’s Sale of Leg Lamps

Ugly Lamp Contest – Leg Lamps not Allowed :)

    The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority in Northwest Indiana is hosting an Ugly Lamp Contest until November 21st as part of their A Christmas Story Comes Home exhibit which showcases original window displays of A Christmas Story from Macy’s years ago. Don’t even think about entering your Major Award of a Leg Lamp […]

Did the Leg Lamp Cause a Fire?

A Christmas Story House came perilously close to having it’s Christmas goose cooked when a fire broke out in a neighboring house. Full story. No word yet if faulty wiring, an overheated leg lamp, or too many strands of Christmas lights in an overloaded outlet were to blame

A Christmas Story – Leg Lamp Store

The Christmas Story leg lamp is as iconic as Bing Crosby. Here is your chance to own a piece of Christmas history with our leg lamp lights and ornaments. If you are in search of the Christmas story lamp, look no further! A Christmas Story Hallmark Keepsake Ornament – The Leg Lamp Price: 29.99 Retail […]