Make Your House A Christmas Story House – Part 2



To continue on from my original post of how to Make Your House a Christmas Story House, let’s add to your Christmas Story display with one of the iconic scenes from the film when Flick gets his tongue stuck to a flagpole at Cleveland Elementary School.

I Triple Dog Dare You

You are now familiar with how to make prop characters out of pvc from the first post. You, undoubtedly, found better methods or quicker tricks to creating the characters so bravo to you. Now what you will want to do varies on how much work you are willing to undertake. We all remember the scene of Ralphie, Flick and the boys standing around the flagpole egging Flick on to stick his tongue to the pole. This leaves plenty of options for your scene and gives you some questions to answer:

  • Do I want to include multiple characters in my scene?
  • How tall do I make my flagpole and do I need a flag on top?
  • Are there any other elements of the scene I want to add?

Clearly this is not rocket science but it helps to think these items through before you start designing, cutting or sizing your PVC. Once you determine how it will be done, you need to create as many characters as necessary based on the instructions in my first post.

There will be differences in these characters. For instance, you need to have Flick lean into the flagpole so you will want to lean the torso of his character forward a bit. If you want other characters standing around in states of confusion, awe or exasperation, you may want to have the arms of your prop bet upwards or over their face as they hide their eyes from the spectacle before them. Keep these in mind and make sure to not glue up your PVC too soon and miss out on creating your characters the right way.

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Raise your Flag(pole)

flag-stakeYou need to create the flagpole now. And this may be the easiest creation yet! Follow along with me…cut a piece of the 1/2 inch PVC to the height you want for the flagpole and then spraypaint it flagpole gray (if you are up lighting the flagpole, you may consider a shiny spray point to add a little more interest). You are done.

Use some rebar or some fence stakes (like the ones you use to hold put chicken wire around a garden) and drive either of them into the ground. In the case of the rebar, just slide the painted PVC flagpole over it and it will stand perfectly. If you use a fence stake that is too big to fit in the PVC, just drive the stake into the ground and use some industrial zip ties, fishing wire or picture wire to tie it to the flagpole. That flag pole may weeble and wobble but it will not fall down. And, if you think about it, real flagpoles tend to sway with the wind so a little give and sway in your PVC version will be more realistic.

So, this is where the rubber meets the road or the tongue meets the steel, in our case. Once you have Flick leaning in, and his head just right, you can make him look as if his tongue is stuck to the pole in a few ways.

  • If you want the really realistic look, cut a hole in the side of the PVC and stick a tongue depressor (painted pink to match a tongue color) into the drilled hole. Then just connect the other end of the depressor to Flick’s face
  • If you want to take the easier route, just lean the Flick character you made right up against the PVC flagpole. Trust me, everyone will understand the scene you created.