The Art of A Christmas Story

Christmas always brings out one or two unique takes on Ralphie and his quest for a Red Ryder BB Gun in A Christmas Story. This time around it takes the form of unique art from an artist in Cleveland…the current home to Ralphie’s replica house. 78th Street Studios’ E11even 2 (Suite 112) Billy Nainiger presents A Christmas Art Show is Nainiger’s tribute to the ever-popular Christmas movie.

“I chose some of my favorite and funniest scenes from the film and worked from there,” he explains. “Although portraits dominate the show, I couldn’t forget some of the iconic symbols like Ovaltine, Lifeboy Soap and the leg lamp, which in itself can be considered a character in the film.”

The show runs through December 18th and promises a unique spin on A Christmas Story. the art is a rustic take on the movie, according to Nainiger.

The used pallet surfaces reflect the essence of the film; the chipped painted exterior of the Parker’s house and the weathered wooden fences that Scut Farcus lurks behind. Even the wooden crate that the leg lamp is delivered in fits within this concept.

The opening of the show welcomed a member of the movie’s cast – Patty Johnson LaFountaine. She is the famed grouchy elf at Higbies. According to IMDB:

grouchy-elfThe producers of A Christmas Story (1983) wanted a teenager to play the grouchy elf in the department-store Santa scene. Johnson, then in her 30s, didn’t know about the age criterion until she arrived at the crowded casting call. She got huffy, told them she had professional elf experience, and showed them photos from a past job as a singing elf at Higbee’s (a now-defunct department store in Cleveland). She got a call-back, gave the producers more attitude, and got the part.